To keep our horses and drivers in shape, we have provided woodlot management services for the past ten years. We practice sustainable Forestry practices with particular emphasis on low impact logging to protect your woodlot. Periodic harvesting of mature and/or damaged or diseased trees will maximize future growth and timber quality. Using horses to extract the logs protects your Future harvest as well as the aesthetics of your forest. Call for an appointment. We will walk your woodlot with you. Generally, woodlot manage-ment services are performed within an hour's drive from our farm.
Weddings by their very nature are a very special time and that day can be enhanced by a striking team of Percheron horses pulling an elegant wedding carriage. We can provide up to four carriages for your ceremony to transport the bride and groom, wedding party and guests. This service can be tailored to your needs and desires. Carriage rides are also a wonderful idea for anniversaries, birthdays, Family gatherings, or any special event.
Sleigh Rides run all winter long on trails through the wooded hilly terrain of the farm. The ride takes about an hour and a half with a stop mid-way at a warming house for hot chocolate.  The sleighs can carry up to 12 people. For larger groups, we can provide up to 4 sleighs. Dress warm, sit back, and enjoy the winter scenery and the sleigh bells as you take in the scenic lookouts over Glen Lake and Lake Michigan. Six rider minimum.
During the spring summer and fall, hay rides are arranged by appointment. The wagon travels through the wooded trails on our farm or we can come to your location. We can tailor your outing with light cookouts, campfires or small parties at the warming house for you and your guests.
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